I am doctoral Researcher of Urban health Game (UHG) at Technical University Darmstadt. My work focuses on the design and evaluation of multi-interaction techniques for mobile devices and other interactive surfaces that could associate to existing space for the minority group. My research interests include human-computer interaction, space-related design, and user-oriented play, especially children-oriented.

I got my Masters degree in Architecture from DIA, Hs Anhalt. Undergraduate works worth mentioning is the master thesis the Banana Case supervised by Prof. Peter Ruge. Followed by the studio brief: on the Move – a preliminary study on interactive space design and the unique requirement of the teenage immigration group from China to Germany – and allowed further exploration of issues such as integration, socio-perception or urban related space.

After graduation, I could enhance my knowledge in this area by being an independent Senior researcher in Original Design Habitat Society Institute (China), where I was responsible for the work of the practical investigations and implementation of related spatial design in the countryside of China. How to engage people in space and conceptualize the needs of the target group became the significant pillars of these projects. The case study Luofu Plan took place in Huizhou, China from 2015 and will continue until 2017.

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